Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Monday Mellow Yellows: Thankful!

Thank God, typhoon Ruby (Hagupit) has left our province since last night and today, when the authorities have gone out for inspection, there were no major damages in the aftermath of the typhoon. Our province was under typhoon signal no. 2. Unlike last years typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), we were under signal no. 4 and in the direct path of the super-typhoon.

Still, we made sure we were prepared – for who knows – typhoons also change paths as they enter. Luckily for us, we were spared of major devastation. Other provinces were not and our thoughts and prayers are with them as we all start to re-build our lives.

Today, the rains have stopped, no more cold, strong winds, and the weather is good. Everybody is relieved. Today is also the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. People went out of their ways to hear the holy mass this morning – not only to celebrate the feast but also as thanksgiving for the protection received during the typhoon.

Here is a photo inside the cathedral – the altar with the statues of saints and the Immaculate Conception is bathed in yellow glow.

The altar of the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral in Roxas City, Capiz.
People came to hear mass this morning at the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral. Photo taken by my SIL, Minmin. Thanks.

The Philippines is predominantly Catholic. And being through many typhoons, earthquakes, floods, corrupt politicians, etc., we still have a lot to be thankful for.

Monday Mellow Yellows

Wordless Wednesday #30: Typhoon Frank Aftermath

Here are some photos I took of the houses flattened by Typhoon Frank:

typhoon frank aftermath

typhoon frank aftermath2

We just finished our relief operations recently but donations, in cash or in kind, are still pouring in thanks to the kind people out there. We will collect them and schedule another relief operations as soon as we have sufficient supplies for our project beneficiaries on the other side of the province. So many people out there, project beneficiaries or not, needing food supplies and they could not go to markets as water level is reportedly still high.

More Wordless photos are found here.

Relief Assistance to Typhoon Frank victims in Capiz

As mentioned in my post just below, a very strong typhoon Frank hit the province of Capiz and its capital, Roxas City. The whole province and the rest of the Panay Island were caught unprepared because the typhoon unexpectedly changed its path and went straight to Panay Island and wreck havoc from where we are.

Damage to properties and infrastructures were estimated to amount to millions of pesos.

Our organization, the Katibyugan Inc., immediately prepared for a relief operation. We targeted seven municipalities in Capiz with about 4800 families and started giving out relief goods since June 24. The packs consist of 5-10kgs of rice (depending on family size), 2 large cans of sardines, and packs of instant noodles. By any standard, the goods were not much but it’s enough to tide the family over for one or two meals. So far in the seven municipalities, we have covered 29 barangays, plus a total of adopted barangays in the municipalities of Pontevedra, Panay and Sigma.

Here are some photos of our relief operations in Brgy. Amiligan, Pontevedra, Capiz. This barangay is a coastal area where most of the population rely on fishing and looking after fishponds. This barangay has a special place in my heart because we used to spend our summer holidays here with my elder sister, fishing and playing in the fishponds. It is sad to return there to see hundreds of houses flattened to the ground, the fishponds gone, and the sadness in the people’s faces are clearly reflected in their eyes.

Pontevedra, Capiz is about 40-50kms from Roxas City and usually takes an hour or so by jeepney to get there. The goods were taken there by trucks that we rented:


From the trucks, the goods were transferred to the barotos(boats). It takes about 15-20mins to go to Barangay Amiligan…

And once the barotos docked, the people helped in carrying the goods to the barangay hall for distribution…


All the villagers helped in the distribution… this is one event where people showed cooperation and solidarity…

A mother and her daughter look at the goods they’ve received…

If you are interested to donate or give assistance, there are still thousands more families needing your help. Kindly email me for more information.

Typhoon Frank hits Capiz!


Some of the views after Typhoon frank hits the province of Capiz on June 21, 2008. Most of the damage caused were houses, posts, rice fields, trees and areas flooded almost 5 municipalities. I took this photo during one f our ocular inspections of our project areas.

It is with a heavy heart that I took this photos. We live in a country where typhoons come and go many times a year. Some left with major damages, like Typhoon Frank, while a few with minimal damages. It will take years again before the families can recover, but they will recover. And I can only pray that while they recover no strong typhoon will come and knock everything down again. Or else, it’s back to square one.



Assistance to Capiz farmers affected by floods

Earlier this year, in the first weeks of March, I wrote about the flash floods that affected the five municipalities of Capiz. Hundreds of farmers expressed disbelief and hopelessness at what had happened. Fortunately, my organization, through the Food Security Program that I am managing, immediately launched a relief operation in response to the calamity.

Just a month ago, a total of 640 sacks of rice seeds (ready for planting) were also distributed to the affected farmers, much to their delight. Katibyugan, Inc. gave individual farmers a sack of rice for every hectare of land they have that was flooded. There were two rice varieties given to them.

Houses, farming equipment, livestock and hundreds of hectares of ricelands were destroyed due to heavy rains in February and March. Through our rice seeds assistance, the farmers will be able to plant again to replace lost rice plants. It is their fervent hope, and ours, too, that there will be no more destructive rain to wipe out their newly-planted rice. Other relief goods were also distributed, especially and Katibyugan is still open for your donations. Kindly email me if you have something to give.