Wedding bells to ring soon!

 I have been meaning to update my blog but, obviously, I failed to do so.

There’s been a lot of things going on lately – work and personal life – that blogging was put aside. You all know my father arrived in April and when he’s here, he is the boss! Second, work was hectic and in order for me to cope with the demands I deferred taking breaks. Thirdly, my husband is finally here with us! After 12 months of careful planning, he is here now and we are complete. My little boy (and of course, me also!) is very  happy to be with his Papa again 🙂

The last – and certainly not the least – great news for the family. It seems that wedding bells are going to ring soon for my younger brother. The traditional formalities have been taken care of, and so, the preparations for the big day is in the works! The couple are brainstorming for wedding ideas. I didn’t have a church wedding but, for me, a vintage wedding is just perfect.  If they’d ask me, I would gladly tell them that it is a great idea worth pursuing. I love the 1900s era and I’m absolutely sure that I am not alone on this one. My elder sister gushes about it, too.

My elder sister, who is an avid vintage/retro/grunge fan and a thrift addict says that having a vintage  wedding allows a couple’s, especially the bride’s, creativity to reinvent the old into something new. Imagine a hand-me-down wedding gown from your grandmother or a suit from the groom’s grand folks, a piece of jewellery and so and so, that, with a bit of creativity, you can re-make or re-model into something that’s current while retaining it’s vintage quality. So in essence, a vintage wedding is affordable, no matter how much the budget is. One doesn’t have to spend a lot to have your dream vintage wedding that looks like a million bucks! If you know what you want – every little detail – and where to look, then it’s not that difficult. So many online sites to get ideas from. I could spend hours on end looking at vintage wedding sites for searching for lovely wedding jewellery and accessories that just ooze with vintage elegance and glamour. At the end  of the day, I was convinced that I want to have a vintage themed-wedding on my 10th wedding anniversary. Uhm, paging the husband…. lol! Please excuse my wishful thinking, I got carried away.

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