Welcome, 2012!

May the new Year of the Dragon bring us more happiness, prosperity, and world peace!

I was meaning to post before 2011 ended but we all got caught up in the last minute “spring cleaning”. Every corner and cranny of the apartment was dusted, scrubbed and washed in preparation for the coming of the New Year. It weren’t only us though, our neighbors next doors were doing the same. It’s one superstition that a lot of us think won’t do any harm if we tried. It also a good way to meet a balikbayan neighbor (someone who repatriated, opposite of ex-pat) from Canada. He said he used to work in the construction business and, for a time, worked in one of  toronto contractors companies.

Hmmm, I wonder if he is trying to talk me into renovating our kitchen because he keeps on mentioning about his experiences in toronto kitchen renovations. Well, he probably knows the problem as our units have the same layout and structures. Admittedly, the kitchen and the bathroom needed a bit of refurbishments but nothing major. Perhaps if I hear him talk again about his stint as  toronto bathroom contractors, maybe I should toss this idea to our landlord. Who knows, we’ll get a better kitchen and bathroom makeover from this guy who seems to know what he is talking about and maybe even get a great $$$ discount, too.

But anyways, he is a nice old man. We all had fun watching the fireworks inside the compound. He even gave us several fireworks to light 🙂

Now I digress… I just want to say that we hope this new year will be a better one for everyone of us.

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