Welcome to the family!

Just when my little boy’s birthday excitement barely faded away, we were again greeted by another excitement. This time, it was the birth of my brother’s second child.

She is Denise Loraine, born on October 15, just 8 days after my little boy’s 3rd birthday. It was said that she has a striking resemblance with her Papa (my brother) and her Grandpa (my father). My mother even said that Denise is the girl-version of my little boy who took after my father! Haha. Beebop is now an Ate (older sister,) and my son Joshua, a Kuya (older male cousin) — and they both have a new playmate! I can only imagine that my parents house will be filled with more children’s noises now that the number of their apos (grandchildren) totals to three. My parents house was quiet for a long time since my siblings and I live away from them.

Welcome to the world, Denise. May you grow healthy and filled with God’s love and blessings.


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