Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

What makes you happy?

Okay, folks, let me tell you at this instance that this is going to be a “proud Mama-moment” kind of post today.

After getting all his final exams result, the verdict is out – my son is graduating from Kindergarten!! He passed all his subjects very satisfactorily and his teachers recommended him to first grade in the coming school year. I’m so happy! Not only is he graduating, this coming Thursday, he also gets three special awards! How’s that? So now you understand  my title… this milestone is what makes me happy 🙂

So anyway, tomorrow is the big day. My son is finally graduating – together with his cousin Beebop (my younger brother’s daughter) who is also graduating from nursery. Beebop is in the top 5 of her class – 4th actually – and she’s going to get a medal for that distinction. She is also receiving three special awards. Already, my older sister is teasing our Mom and Dad for having the “honor” to go up the stage many times with their grandkids. I have asked my mother and father to pin the ribbons to my son – they both deserve to be in the limelight as they were the ones who took care of my son while I was away.

Here’s my son’s class picture.

Joshua class pic in Butterfly frame My son’s the one the teacher is holding. Looks like it’s the teacher who enjoyed the pictorial most while the kids looked bored and unamused! *lol*

Today I am taking both my son and Beebop to their graduation practice at the City Civic Centre. This is also where their graduation ceremony will be held. I promise to take lots of pictures and post them all here!

Thanks to my older sister for doing the digi-scrapped photo above 🙂 🙂 🙂

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