Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Wii are busy…

… playing Wii games.
Yeheyyy, we now have Wii at home!

My younger sister won it from a raffle draw at her office – how lucky she is, isn’t she? Along with the console are two game CDs, guitar hero (with a guitar set) and WiiSports. I remembered my older sister, who bought hers last year, bragging about how much she lost weight by playing Wii tennis and cycling. I could not believe it for how can someone actually lose so much weight just by playing video games? Is she pulling my leg, or what?

Well – after playing a few rounds of WiiSports for two weeks now, I know it is possible (after sweating buckets, I think I lost weight already, hahaha), just like what my older sister told me. She made a commitment to play at least 30mins a day while at the same time controlling her food portion and it actually paid off. But it took her at least 3months to see the difference in her weight and it was a slow process. A friend of hers who wanted immediate change tried some supplemental stuff at http://www.enutriments.com/ and she had good results.

As for me, I think it’s a combination of all three – exercise (playing Wii), food control, as well as supplements – that do the trick. I myself need to lose lots of weight (the pregnancy fat didn’t go away!) so I am really sold on diligently playing Wii to lose my unwanted excess pounds. And while I do the Wii and food control, the supplements will provide me the necessary energy, especially that I work on a graveyard shift – without packing on the carbs and sweets. So it is really a GO and I’m excited! You’ll know of any progress I’ll make as I’m going to share it here 🙂

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