Wordful Wednesday 003: A hairy experience!


Last year, before my volunteer assignment in Kenya ended, I was able to do an item in my  bucket list of things to do before leaving. It was the craziest, if not most fun, thing that I did while there.


corn-row-hair-backview Okay, okay. I was bored and homesick and it was in my list, anyway, so I went for it! Here’s another view:


It looked and felt nice… on the first day only. The succeeding days were… pure agony. LOL. Looking back at my hairy experience – I can now laugh at my silliness! My parents thought it was hilarious. My sisters and brothers chimed in as well. My son, well, he was surprised.

Here’s the full story  of my African hairstyle, if you are interested to know.


    1. I heard about some people crying because they were so tight. I was lucky because the lady who did my hair had “light hands”… I even fell asleep while my hair was being done!

    1. Thank you. It didn’t take long for my hair to be done. Roughly 2hours and it’s finished! Taking it out took longer though.

  1. Wow; they look nice, but I’m sure they were painful. I’m glad you got to do something on your bucket list, though! Thank you for sharing, and Happy WW!

  2. Very cool! Whenever we vacation in the Caribbean, I always make sure I get my hair braided during the first couple of days – keeps me so much cooler while hanging out on the beach! 😉

  3. i get sunburned between the braids too. i’ve tried putting sunblock on but it just doesn’t work so well. 🙁 and you’re right, they seriously hurt after a day or too. they just pull too much. i got a really awful headache from them the one time i’ve done them. had to beg hubby to help me take them out!

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