Wordless Wednesday 007: Ancient tree

One of the many old, old trees that covered the Gede ruins in Mombasa, Kenya.

Two weeks ago, my fellow Volunteers and I decided to spend our weekend together. We went to Gede ruins near the coastal town of Malindi in Mombasa. Gede ruins is a 12th century Swahili village that was mysteriously abandoned some 600 years ago for unknown reasons. It is now a national park  and the ruins are now overgrown with beautiful forest trees, such as this huge baobab tree. The place reminds me so much of the temple ruins at the Angkor Wat complex. It may have lacked the grandioseness of the temples in Cambodia, the Gede ruins give visitors an eerie atmospheric feeling from the massive trees with mangled branches reminiscent of Ta Prohm temple. The Gede ruins continue to attract tourists from everywhere.


  1. It looks like a couple of trees we had in our yard in West Nigeria about 50 years ago. One of them was called the Juju tree because the natives had made sacrifices there. I've often wondered what kind of trees they were and couldn't recall their real name. I think this may be it. Looks and sounds right.

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