Wordless Wednesday #30: Typhoon Frank Aftermath

Here are some photos I took of the houses flattened by Typhoon Frank:

typhoon frank aftermath

typhoon frank aftermath2

We just finished our relief operations recently but donations, in cash or in kind, are still pouring in thanks to the kind people out there. We will collect them and schedule another relief operations as soon as we have sufficient supplies for our project beneficiaries on the other side of the province. So many people out there, project beneficiaries or not, needing food supplies and they could not go to markets as water level is reportedly still high.

More Wordless photos are found here.


  1. This is so sad!!!Thing is, we must sit and reflect that it could very well be us next time…no matter WHAT kind of storm….hurricane, typhoon, tornado, blizzard…you name it.Come see my W W if you can.

  2. Okay. Clearly I need to stop whining about moving and getting my house together and just start being grateful I have a house to begin with. Thanks for the reminder.I admire you so much for helping.

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