Wordless Wednesday # Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo

These are photos of the historic At-atihan festival. My husband and I never fail to join in the merry-making and celebration. This year, we even brought along our little boy. We want him to be able to see the outside world, to experience the richness of our culture and traditionse so that whe he grows up he’ll learn to treasure all of this; just like what our parents did to us when we were a lot younger.

For more of Ati-atihan, click here for the story. For other Wordless photos, please visit Wordless Wednesday HQ.

Hala, bira! Pwera pasma!


  1. These are magnificent costumes and wonderful photos. So mysterious to a Connecticut (USA) girl like me!(You might want to re-link to the WW hub; I couldn’t get to your blog from there. I came from Jams’s site.)

  2. WAAA!! i miss those.. I attend ati atihan onece but I never fails to watch Dinagyan “since I live near iloilo”..waa wanna go home..lol..;) Mine is here take a peak if you have time..;) Happy WW!

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